Junteenth | More than 150 years Later, Are We Truly Free Yet?

In This episode Greg Brooks Digital Challenges all listeners to ask ourselves better questions and determine weather or not true freedom has been accomplished within our mindset. You will learn how to gain freedom over your mind while also taking time to remember those that never were allowed the chance to do so.

Juneteenth, a holiday that marks a pivotal moment in our American history. This day commemorates the day the Emancipation Proclamation was recognized in Texas, specifically Galveston, TX on June 19, 1865 – more than two years after it had been enacted. This holiday represents the moment when the Emancipation Proclamation reached every city and state in America, including those where people were still enslaved. Recognizing this day drums up a range of emotions for people. It is a time to reflect and a time to celebrate.

For me, celebrating Juneteenth acknowledges and shines a light on the systemic, racial injustice that should never have existed in the first place. It is also marks the celebration of our collective freedom. Juneteenth represents our country’s Independence Day, yet this monumental event remains largely unknown to most Americans. Celebrating this day, creates space to celebrate the strength, resilience, beauty, and magic of Black people and our contributions to the collective energy that sustains us all as a society. Juneteenth is a day to honor those that have sacrificed and paved the way to support freedom and liberation. It also serves as a day to organize and to commit or recommit to efforts towards radical systemic change, justice and liberation.

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