(Live Interview) On “How To Create Automatic Success in Your Personal Life By Embracing your True Greatness”

Live Life Now 365 Founder Greg Brooks interviews entrepreneur Allen Powell Jr.
to discuss how to take control over your thoughts and emotions in order to Live Life Now 365. We will explain in detail how we were able to generate our own financial freedom by creating a burning desire for the attainment of success and investing in our mindset which led to multiple business opportunities, creating the pathway for massive success before the age of 30 years old. We Explore in depth how to use your creative vision to work toward any specific goal in life that you are most passionate about and provide you with real life examples on how this also can become a reality for you!

in this episode you will learn why it’s important to dream bigger than that of what you can presently comprehend and why your life is a result of the many habits and thoughts that you constantly think about most of the time. In addition you will discover the power of imagination and how simply creating the time to read allows you to tap into the minds of millionaires, saving you a tremendous amount of time and effort while on your journey toward success.

This message is for anyone looking to expand their perspective toward a thought consciousness of abundance by recognizing that your true greatness in life is based upon your own ability to take control over your thoughts, by embracing them and using them to make happen for you in your life whatever it is your soul desires.

I hope this interview finds you well


Greg Brooks

Founder and president of Live Life Now 365

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