LiveLifeNow365 Daily Mental Medicine Ep1 – Why You Are Made Up Of 3 Parts?

In Today’s episode of Live Life Now 365 Mental Medicine we talk about your ability to change your overall self-concept, which are made up of three parts: Your Self ideal, ( self identity) your self image and your self-esteem. We will discuss how these Beliefs form your reality, whether they are based on fact or not. We will examine how your self- concept is made up of your bundle of beliefs, primarily from others that you have taken in about your yourself and accepted as true. Once you are aware of the origin of your negative emotions, you will learn how to go back into your subconscious mind and correct them. This brings us to the role that your self-concept plays in your overall thinking and feeling. Join us as we help inspire you to Live Life Now 365 By first taking possession of your mind and using it to make happen for you in your in your life whatever it is your soul desires. Listen to this episode in its entirety , it will change your life.

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