The Cardiast Digital Business Card

Founder of Live Life Now 365 and The Digital Business Card App Cardiast, Greg Brooks Digital will teach you how to create your business card in the shortest time possible – it’s simple, effective, and pocket-friendly. You can portray yourself in ways you have never been able to before by using customizable tools and designing your thoughts away!

Greg Brooks Digital Describes his Competent and successful business cards! You will be able to make your own digital business card and personalize it. You can make numerous cards, with each having various data. You will get the option of designing a card for work connections, customers, and personal use. Create and share: You can make a business card and send it to anyone over social media platforms. Obtain the card of another person/business: You can acquire anyone’s card by scanning the QR code on their card or by following the link on their card. Push notifications: When someone views your card and clicks on the call button or any other button, you will receive a push notification. You will also get the full name, phone number, and email address of the individual who examined your card. You will be able to save all of that person’s data in your app for later use.

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