You are what you think about

In this episode, Greg Brooks Digital talks about how you are what you think about based on what you are willing to say to yourself. Often doctors and nutritionists say to us: “you are what you eat”. It’s the best nutritional advice you can get because it’s pretty much true.

Did you know there are 50–70 million cells in your body and every one of them is replaced. If we don’t consume enough nourishing food our skin changes color, our gums bleed, our bones soften, we lose hair, we feel fatigued and become more susceptible to disease. If you eat junk, you’ll feel like junk.

The same could be said of our minds. If we preoccupy ourselves with junk thoughts, our character will become sick. Just as in the case with food, the information we consume determines what and how we think.

Join us as Greg Brooks Digital teaches us how to live life now 365 by taking possession of your mind.

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